Glad to be of help

Roofing is a service industry and New Heights Roofing is pleased to help clients by answering questions regarding services, materials, operations, warranties, billing, and more.  If you've got a question, don't hesitate to ask.  


1. What type of warranty does New Heights Roofing provide?

We provide a 10-year labor warranty, under normal wind conditions.  If there is damage to your roof from an "Act of God" or severe weather then the labor warranty does not apply.  This would be a circumstance where your insurance would cover the damages and we have a reputation of working well with agents and their companies to protect your investment.  A bonus is that our labor warranty is transferable to new ownership.


2. Is there any obligation to request an estimate?  How do I hire and pay for services?

New Heights Roofing offers free estimates and does not "hard sell" potential clients.  After meeting and discussing options, we provide a proposal.  If the client agrees with the proposal, they are asked to sign and provide a deposit equal to half the total cost of the job.  Upon completion of the work, the client has agreed to pay the remaining balance upon receipt of an invoice.  Adjustments are made when working with insurance companies and for real estate transactions.


3. What does being bonded mean?

As our client, you are protected against any misappropriation of funds.  New Heights Roofing offers this additional benefit as a sign of integrity and safety for our clients.


4. Do you take care of my yard and respect my property?

Our crews are trained to protect your property and be respectful.  We do not leave a job site until we have done due diligence to remove debris.  We magnetize using a roofing magnet sweeper.