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Roof Inspections
  • Insurance Claims

  • Selling Your Home

  • Buying A Home

  • Weather Damage

  • Acts of God

  • Exceeded Life Expectancy

  • Leaks


New Heights Roofing is pleased to offer roof inspections for clients who need to assess damage to their roof shingles, decking or structure.  Damage due to hail, wind or storms can be detrimental to the quality of your roof and the resale value of your home.  An “Act of God” is unexpected and unavoidable.  Fallen tree limbs, power lines and water build-up are issues that need immediate attention.


We will work with you and any representative working on your behalf.  A realtor or insurance agent appreciates a roofing contractor who is familiar with their processes, quickly available, cost effective and trustworthy.  Smooth sales transactions and expedited insurance claims benefit all concerned.


Anticipate an overall exterior inspection to include the roof structure, materials and seals around key areas such as ventilation, chimney, skylights, etc.  An interior inspection of any leaks or damage is important for a complete roof inspection.


Following the inspection, a report will be created that provides an outline of any problems and give suggestions on how best to address issues. 


If you’re a buyer or seller, we will work with you and your realtor to provide an overall inspection of roof quality, life expectancy and reveal any potential issues that may require repair.  Best case scenario, there are no concerns and the roof inspection will put everyone’s mind at ease.


All roof inspections by New Heights Roofing are conducted by Ron Lance, owner.